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Mildew Removal

Mildew lets its presence be known in more ways than one. If you suspect, or know, you have a mildew problem, call a mildew removal company at (757) 434-6263 right away. GET RESTORATION EXPERTS provides residential and commercial mildew removal services, and will take your emergency call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

mildew infestation

Where there’s moisture or dampness, there’s probably mildew. It takes just 24-48 hours of a surface being exposed to water for mildew to first appear. And mildew can present a serious health threat to people and animals susceptible to respiratory concerns. Don’t risk damage to your furnishings and belongings, and don’t risk the health of others. The experts at GET RESTORATION EXPERTS are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of mildew, and have the expertise to fully eliminate the problem.

How Does Mildew Start?

Mildew spores are actually present just about everywhere. They don’t grow and spread, however, until just the right ambient condition presents itself. High relative humidity is the #1 culprit to blame for a mildew problem. Your home or business is subject to a mildew infestation if it has:

  • Suffered water damage from flooding of any type
  • Leaky pipes
  • High levels of humidity

What Does Mildew Look Like?

Mildew is usually white or gray in color. It has a powdery appearance, and grows flat on a surface. Mildew should not be confused with mold, which is usually green or black and looks fuzzy. Mildew can grow in any room, whether it’s the attic, the bathroom, or the basement. Mildew is frequently found in bathrooms in particular, with their high humidity levels and constant exposure to moisture—which explains the availability of mildew-resistant shower curtains!

Mildew also thrives on printed materials such as books and newspapers, on textiles and fabrics, such as drapes and carpeting, on wood and wood products, drywall, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, and cardboard.

Mildew can also be detected by its distinct odor. The truth is, if you smell mildew’s musty scent every time you open your basement door, it’s too late. You already have an infestation.

What Is the Best Way to Remove Mildew?

While mildew can be removed with home and do-it-yourself remedies, GET RESTORATION EXPERTS recommends mildew removal by a professional. This is because mildew is not always visible to the naked eye, and attempts to clean mildew yourself provide temporary results only, possibly ignoring a larger, more extensive problem. Mildew lurks wherever there is, or has been, moisture. We are trained and qualified to locate and remediate not just the mildew itself, but the reason you have mildew to begin with.

The GET RESTORATION EXPERTS Mildew Removal Process

When you call GET RESTORATION EXPERTS, you can trust that we put our proven mildew-removal process to work in your home or place of business every time. We will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your property to determine the full extent of the mildew infestation. We check around water pipes and plumbing fixtures, waste lines, refrigerator ice lines, ductwork, foundations. We check basements, attics, walls, and any area where dampness could exist due to excess moisture or humidity.
  • Track the source of dampness or moisture to determine the cause of the mildew growth.
  • Clean and remove visible mildew from the affected area using professional-grade disinfectants and sanitizers—this includes treating other areas where mildew can grow, to avoid a secondary infestation.
  • Take steps to dry the affected area and also reduce humidity levels. We may use powerful air movers, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment.
  • Remove damaged contents from your home or government building, and work to clean and restore them to their pre-damaged condition. If an item cannot be salvaged, we will dispose of it properly.
  • Perform structural renovations within the building for those areas needing repair or replacement.


  • When you first contact GET RESTORATION EXPERTS, our customer service representative will respond to your call courteously and professionally, and provide whatever upfront information you may need.
  • Our mildew-removal technicians are highly qualified—they have training and certifications from the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the nationally recognized organization that sets the standards for the cleaning, inspection, and restoration industries.
  • GET RESTORATION EXPERTS has experience—we have been serving residential and commercial customers since 2001.
  • We support your insurance claims process with photos documenting the mildew infestation and full information of our processes—we provide whatever is needed to ensure you receive the maximum benefit to which you are entitled for your claim.
  • Our cleaning products are effective and environmentally friendly—safe for humans and animals alike.
  • WSR is licensed, bonded, and insured, to give you added peace of mind.

Mildew in your home or business is a sign that a more serious problem of moisture or humidity exists. If you see mildew or smell its musty odor, call the specialists at GET RESTORATION EXPERTS right away. We can help you with a mold problem and disaster cleanup as well.

We’re available 24/7/365. Don’t jeopardize the health of the building occupants or risk losing valuable contents. Our qualified professionals are available to properly and thoroughly handle any mildew problem you may have.

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