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Ice Dams

An ice dam is a mass of ice that forms along the edge of a building’s sloped roof under when certain winter conditions occur. If the situation that led to the formation of the dam is not addressed, you may experience damage to your roof, gutters, and downspouts, as well as water damage inside your home. When this happens, call GET RESTORATION EXPERTS at (757) 434-6263 right away. We’re no strangers to cold winters and are equipped to handle your situation—whether it is removal of the ice dam before damage occurs, or fixing problems that may have already occurred both in-and outside your home or commercial property.

ice dam

GET RESTORATION EXPERTS has been serving clients in your local area since 2001. We have seen the damage an ice dam can cause, and will work quickly and effectively to fix the problem. Our courteous customer service representatives will take your emergency call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will have a knowledgeable technician onsite in 60 minutes or less.

What Causes an Ice Dam to Form?

An ice dam forms under just the right conditions. One condition is due to the normal melting of snow that occurs on sunny days during the winter. At night, when the temperatures drop below freezing again, the water that settled on the roof and eaves during the day freezes and builds up as ice.

Another cause for an ice dam occurs from the interior of the house or building. So, even though air temperatures outside are below freezing, snow that has accumulated on a sloped roof can melt from underneath due to warmer temperatures from the attic space below. The water from the melting snow seeps between the layer of snow and the roof shingles. Gravity pulls the water toward the eave of the roof which, because it overhangs the exterior wall of the house, remains cold and causes the water to freeze. In time, the ice builds up into a mound.

With the buildup of ice at the eave, the melting water from farther up the roof is blocked by the dam, and unable to drain properly. Snow and ice trapped in gutters also act as the starting point for additional ice buildup. Eventually, water backs up. With nowhere to go, the water seeps under the shingles and through the roof, where it can drip into insulation, through the ceiling and down walls. And, on the outside, if the ice dam drops off the roof to the ground, it can damage the gutter and harm whatever it falls on below.

Because of the dangers involved, removal of ice buildup on a roof should be performed by a professional who has the right equipment to do the job safely and without causing damage to your roof or gutters.

GET RESTORATION EXPERTS is available to remove ice dams and also to remediate any damage your home or business property may have incurred as a result of an ice dam. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our technicians are certified by the IICRC (the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification—the organization that sets the standards for the cleaning, inspection, and restoration industries.

Steps to Fix an Ice Dam Problem

We understand the extent of damage an ice dam can cause, and can take steps to not only address an existing problem, but also to help avoid future ice dam buildup from occurring. Heat leaks and insufficient roof insulation are the main culprits responsible for an ice dam starting in the first place, as these lead to the roof being warm enough to melt the snow above.

  • GET RESTORATION EXPERTS starts by inspecting the roof from the outside. Taking all safety precautions, we carefully remove the ice dam. We also clear out the gutters and downspouts to make sure no blockages remain.
  • On the inside, we inspect the area where the ice dam occurred, looking for leaks of warm air from the living space into the space beneath the roof. We seal any warm air leak we find.
  • We ensure the actual living space is thoroughly insulated so heat is not drawn through the ceiling into the attic space.
  • We properly vent the attic space so that, should warm air still get through, it simply moves away and is not directed at a single roof location.

Water Damage from an Ice Dam

An ice dam, if not removed, can result in water damage in your home or business property. As ice forms at the same time snow continues to melt, water is pushed up under shingles where it leaks through the roof below. Our experts can also solve burst pipes problem fast.

GET RESTORATION EXPERTS treats interior water damage by thoroughly drying the area with powerful equipment that eliminates all dampness and moisture. We then treat the area to avoid the possibility of mildew infestation and mold infestation.

If your property has suffered structural damage as a result of the ice dam and leaking water, GET RESTORATION EXPERTS will provide whatever renovation services you need, from roof repair to inside work on ceilings, walls, and insulation.

Water damage caused by ice dams and a leaky roof might not be immediately apparent on the inside, but at the first sign of damage, call the professionals at GET RESTORATION EXPERTS. What’s more, we also offer quality plumbing services.

We’re available to fix your ice dam problem 24/7/365. Our goal is always to restore your property to its pre-water-damage condition, and to do so as quickly as possible.

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