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Furniture Removal

Do you have furniture you no longer need? Furniture you wish to donate or dispose of? We can help. We are GET RESTORATION EXPERTS and we provide furniture removal and appliance removal services in your local areas. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we are available to handle all your furniture removal needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if an emergency situation requires.

furniture removal

GET RESTORATION EXPERTS is licensed, bonded, and insured, and our furniture removal team of experts are all professionally trained and qualified to move/remove your excess furniture with care and consideration for the surrounding property and the environment.

Even if your furniture is old and damaged, or you just need to remove it for some other reason, GET RESTORATION EXPERTS will take care of any furniture items you no longer want or need.

We remove items big and small. Just some of the types of furniture we remove include:

  • Home furnishings – sofas, end tables, coffee tables, chairs, bed frames, dressers, chests, dining room suites, night stands, desks, and more.
  • Businesses and office furniture – office chairs and desks, filing cabinets, tables, modular pieces, display cases, cafeteria tables and chairs, etc.

If your furniture is damaged or broken, we will haul it away and properly dispose of it. If your furniture is still in useable condition, you can rest assured that we will put your furniture to good second-hand use. We will recycle it or donate it to a charitable organization where it will be repaired, cleaned, and restored for use in another home or business.

Reasons to Call a Furniture Removal Company

When you no longer need a particular piece or set of furniture, you want it gone—now. There are a variety of reasons to call GET RESTORATION EXPERTS at (757) 434-6263 for all your furniture removal needs. Our team will remove furniture for any reason, including:

  • If you are renovating and remodeling your home or business, and no longer need your current furniture
  • If you are cleaning out an estate home
  • If you want to declutter your basement or garage where old furniture always seems to accumulate
  • If you are selling your home and need to eliminate excess or mismatched furniture for proper staging of the property
  • If you would like to donate furniture you no longer need to a charitable program where it will be recycled

We Remove Furniture in Any Condition

While we pride ourselves on removing furniture that can be cleaned and repurposed for someone else to use, we also haul away and properly dispose of furniture that is:

  • Burned and damaged by fire
  • Unusable due to a bad odor such as cigarette smoke
  • Underwent mildew infestation or mold infestation
  • Wet from soaking up flood water
  • Contaminated by pet or human waste
  • Damaged from pet use, such as cat clawing
  • Broken beyond repair

GET RESTORATION EXPERTS has been delivering prompt, friendly, efficient service since 2001. We provide free estimates and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. No piece of furniture is too big or too small.

We also offer water damage restoration and ice dams removal.

Call our courteous customer service representatives today, and schedule us to come out whatever day and time is convenient for you.

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